Trump’s Big Win in Missouri: Another Step Toward GOP Nomination

Trump Wins Missouri: No Surprises Here

Donald Trump, the former President, continues to solidify his path toward the Republican presidential nomination, securing a significant victory on March 2 in the Missouri Republican caucuses.

Trump secured 100 percent of the delegates, leaving his rival, Nikki Haley, with 0 percent. In Missouri, delegate allocation is determined based on the support a candidate garners from caucus precincts rather than raw vote share. This triumph follows his commanding lead over Haley in the Michigan primary held earlier, setting a promising trajectory for his performance in the upcoming “Super Tuesday” primaries.

Notably, Trump’s victory margin in the current race contrasts starkly with his narrow win over Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas in Missouri during the 2016 race, where he triumphed by a mere 0.21 percent.

The shift from a primary to caucuses in Missouri occurred after the passage of an election bill that scrapped the 2024 primary during the previous legislative session. Penny Quigg, the Chair of the Cole County Republican Central Committee, highlighted the challenges posed by this change, emphasizing the influence of a dedicated voter base.

In response to his win, the former president promptly took to Truth Social to express his gratitude and commitment to his supporters.


Democrats are scheduled to conduct their own presidential primary in Missouri on March 23, 2024.

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