Trump Keeps Boasting About Remembering Five Words on a Dementia Test

Trump Can’t Stop Bragging About Memorizing Five Words on a Dementia Test

Donald Trump continues to dwell on his performance in a cognitive test, particularly his ability to recite the words “person, woman, man, camera, TV” flawlessly. During an interview on Fox News’s Hannity, Trump took the opportunity to critique President Joe Biden’s mental acuity while championing his own, asserting that the cognitive test he underwent was “very tough.”

Beginning his commentary with a jab at Biden’s capacity to handle interviews, Trump emphatically recommended that Biden undergo a cognitive test. He proudly declared his own success in taking not just one but two cognitive tests, both of which he claimed to have aced. According to Trump, these tests were not a walk in the park; they escalated in difficulty, with few people capable of answering the toughest questions.

Trump (Credits: The New Republic)

Trump has persistently argued that cognitive assessments should be obligatory for individuals seeking high office, especially after special counsel Robert Hur’s extensive analysis critiquing Biden’s mental sharpness. Despite acknowledging that age isn’t the sole determinant of mental acuity, Trump emphasized the need for such assessments, even taking to social media to urge Biden to take the test.

However, Trump’s assertions about his cognitive prowess have been met with skepticism. While his former physician, Representative Ronny Jackson, confirmed administering a cognitive exam at Trump’s request in 2018, Trump’s descriptions of the test’s content have varied over time.

From correctly reciting words to identifying objects like whales, Trump’s claims have sometimes contradicted the test’s actual structure, as the test’s authors deny including a whale as part of any version.

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