Former Prime Minister Joe Clark Reflects on Brian Mulroney’s Passing: ‘A Remarkable Figure’

Credits: The New York Times

Joe Clark, a former political rival and subsequent member of Brian Mulroney’s cabinet, praised Mulroney’s exceptional ability to unify people and maximize their potential during an interview with CTV’s Question Period host Vassy Kapelos.

Clark highlighted Mulroney’s dedication to fostering collaboration and recognizing the talents of others, attributing these qualities to Mulroney’s impactful leadership as Canada’s 18th prime minister from 1984 to 1993.

Reflecting on their long-standing relationship, Clark recounted their transition from young conservatives inspired by John Diefenbaker to competitors and ultimately collaborators in government.

Former Prime Minister, Joe Clark (Credits: CHCH News/YouTube)

Despite their earlier rivalry, Clark and Mulroney shared a vision for Canada that facilitated their successful partnership, particularly in foreign affairs, where Clark served as the secretary of state.

Clark underscored their significant roles in opposing apartheid and negotiating the Free Trade Agreement, emphasizing Mulroney’s strategic and inclusive approach to governance.

According to Clark, Mulroney’s knack for bringing out the best in his ministers and fostering a team spirit was a hallmark of his tenure.

In light of Mulroney’s passing, Clark reflected on the former prime minister’s lasting influence on Canadian politics and his unique ability to connect with people across the political spectrum.

Despite facing unpopularity in some regions, Mulroney remained committed to his duties, leaving a legacy of determination and inclusivity.

Clark’s interview, filled with personal anecdotes and professional admiration, painted a picture of Mulroney as a transformative leader who deeply impacted Canada’s political landscape and those who worked closely with him.

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