Viersen Details Conservative Strategy for Combating Vehicle Theft

Credits: New York Post

The Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) is proposing a comprehensive plan to address the significant increase in vehicle thefts, a crime trend attributed by the party to changes in the country’s bail system implemented by the Liberal government in 2017.

According to Arnold Viersen, CPC MP for Peace River — Westlock, vehicle thefts have surged by a third under the Liberal administration, with over 20,000 vehicles reported stolen in 2022 alone. High-demand models like the Ford F150 and Dodge Ram 1500 are mainly targeted.

Viersen emphasizes that vehicle theft not only disrupts lives by depriving individuals of transportation and causing financial strain but also contributes to a broader sense of insecurity across Canadian communities.

Vehicle Theft (Credits: Boyd & Associates)

This issue, once considered primarily rural, now spans the nation, affecting major cities like Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, where theft rates have skyrocketed.

To combat this escalating problem, the CPC’s strategy includes abolishing the Canadian Border Agency’s consultants deemed ineffective and expensive, establishing a specialized team of border agents equipped with advanced x-ray technology for container scans, and enhancing efforts to recover stolen vehicles before smuggling them out of the country.

Moreover, the party advocates for stringent legal reforms, proposing increasing the minimum sentence for vehicle theft from six months to six years upon a third conviction and overhauling the bail system to prevent repeat offenders from obtaining bail quickly.

Viersen’s remarks highlight a pressing concern in communities such as Barrhead, where local RCMP have reported a surge in vehicle thefts, often linked to other criminal activities.

The CPC’s proposed measures aim to restore a sense of safety and security, reduce insurance premiums, and deter criminal networks from exploiting the current system.

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