Review of St. Albert Federal Housing Grant Application Still Ongoing

View of St. Albert Federal Housing (Credits: My Prince George Now)

St. Albert is eagerly awaiting the outcome of its application for federal grant funding through the Housing Accelerator Fund (HAF), a $4 billion initiative by the federal government to support municipalities in executing their housing action plans.

This anticipation comes after nearly $190 million was allocated to seven Alberta municipalities, including a significant $175 million to Edmonton for various housing initiatives.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s recent announcement in Edmonton highlighted the capital city’s commitment to enhancing its housing landscape through software upgrades for permitting, promotion of secondary suites, and tax reductions for multi-family building owners, among other strategies detailed in its comprehensive housing action plan.

View of St. Albert Federal Housing (Credits: St. Albert Gazette)

Just before the HAF application deadline in August, St. Albert finalized its housing action plan, which focuses on incentive programs for housing development, strategies to encourage infill and brownfield development, and adopting electronic permitting to improve processing times. City staff have projected that St. Albert could secure $7-$12 million in grant funding.

Furthermore, other municipalities such as Banff, Westlock, Sylvan Lake, Smoky Lake, Bow Island, and the Village of Duchess have already been awarded a combined total of $13.8 million for their housing initiatives, with Banff receiving the largest share of $4.6 million.

Banff’s plan includes significant adjustments to land-use bylaws to facilitate development, including relaxed parking requirements and the allowance of secondary suites across all residential zones.

While St. Albert’s application remains under review, officials remain optimistic about a favorable decision soon. Mayor Cathy Heron and Coun. Wes Brodhead expressed confidence in the strength of their application and the potential for federal support to bolster local housing projects.

This includes the 22 St. Thomas Street affordable housing project, which is eligible for additional funding through the federal Affordable Housing Fund and the provincial Affordable Housing Partnership Program.

With over 50 municipalities across Canada already benefiting from HAF funding and more announcements anticipated, St. Albert hopes to join the list of recipients advancing their housing solutions through federal support soon.

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