Trump Accuses Biden of Plotting to Overthrow the United States.

Trump Accuses Biden of “Conspiracy To Overthrow the United States of America”

Former President Donald Trump escalated his criticism of President Joe Biden, baselessly accusing the Biden administration of orchestrating a scheme to undermine the United States during two rallies held on Saturday.

Despite facing 91 criminal charges himself, including allegations of “conspiracy to defraud” the United States in relation to the events of January 6, 2021, Trump took aim at Biden, portraying him as a threat to democracy. “He talks about democracy,” Trump remarked of Biden, “He is a danger to democracy.”

Trump’s speeches in Virginia and North Carolina, strategically chosen states for the upcoming Super Tuesday primaries and the general election in November, centered heavily on the U.S.-Mexico border, which Republicans view as a potential weakness for the Biden administration. While monthly encounters with migrants at the southern border peaked at nearly 250,000 in December, the numbers have since declined.

During his address in Richmond, Virginia, Trump floated unsubstantiated claims alleging that Democrats are actively bringing undocumented migrants into the country and attempting to enroll them to vote in future elections. In Greensboro, North Carolina, he painted a picture of “foreign armies” being deployed by the Democratic Party to sway electoral outcomes and destabilize the American political system, disregarding the will of American voters.

Trump and Biden
Trump and Biden (Credits: Getty Images)

Trump emphasized the pivotal role immigration will play in the upcoming election, framing it as a choice between allowing the migrants he alleges Biden has brought in to remain in the country or sending them back to their home countries. He vowed to enforce the latter option.

In contrast, Biden has attempted to position himself ahead of Trump on immigration, endorsing a bipartisan border bill crafted in the Senate which his administration argues constitutes the most robust and equitable reforms for securing the border in decades. Trump vehemently opposed the bill, campaigning vigorously against it and rallying Republicans to reject it.

Both candidates made visits to the border on Thursday, with Biden accusing Trump of politicizing the issue while Trump, alongside Texas Governor Greg Abbott, characterized migrants crossing the border as warriors.

However, several border officials, including some who served during Trump’s presidency, have stated that most migrants crossing the border are vulnerable families fleeing poverty and violence, as reported by The New York Times.

In response to Trump’s speeches, Biden campaign spokesman Ammar Moussa criticized Trump for projecting and attempting to divert attention from his own actions, alleging that Trump killed a significant border security bill because he believed it would benefit his campaign. Moussa characterized Trump’s behavior as “sad.”

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