Exclusive Sneak Peek: ‘NCIS: Hawai’i’ – Lucy and Kate, the ‘Newlyweds’, Investigate a Military Resort Murder

NCIS, Hawai (Credits: Digital Spy)

In the upcoming episode “Dead on Arrival,” airing this Monday at 10/9c on CBS, the conventional plan was for Lucy and her partner Kate to go undercover as a couple, posing as bride and bride.

This strategy unfolds as expected, setting the stage for the episode’s plotline. When a Navy pilot is discovered murdered at a local military resort, the team decides to infiltrate the scene incognito to uncover a hidden criminal operation operating right under their noses.

A recently released clip sets the stage for the undercover operation. Lucy’s excitement is evident when Jane suggests that she and Kate assume the roles of “newlyweds.”

Lucy and Kate (Credits: Yahoo Finance)

The clip also hints at a new development in the suspicion surrounding Sam Hanna’s presence in Hawai’i, implying a burgeoning friendship with a team member through text messages.

In TVLine’s exclusive sneak peek, Lucy and Kate are seen at the resort’s bar, attracting the attention of a military veteran who offers to guess Lucy’s branch of service.

The clip leaves viewers wondering if this observant individual can accurately determine Lucy’s military background, given her lack of tattoos and flowing locks. Tune in to discover the outcome of this encounter and to uncover further twists in the episode’s storyline.

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