Singapore Minister Defends US Envoy Following Harsh Report

Credits: Reuters

In response to a recent report by the internal watchdog of the State Department in Washington regarding US Ambassador Jonathan Kaplan’s alleged misconduct in Singapore, Singaporean Law Minister K Shanmugam has come forward to defend Kaplan.

Shanmugam took to social media to express his support for Kaplan, stating that he recently had a productive meeting with the ambassador.

This marks one of the first public statements made by a Singaporean official following the release of the inspector general’s report, which highlighted Kaplan’s alleged threats toward staff and his failure to promote American interests in Singapore effectively.

Singapore Minister (Credits:

The report particularly criticized Kaplan for developing poor relationships with certain Singaporean ministries, which impeded progress on US initiatives in the strategically significant Asia-Pacific city-state.

Despite the report’s findings, Shanmugam praised Kaplan’s proactive and helpful approach, emphasizing that in his dealings with the ambassador, he has witnessed Kaplan’s efforts to maintain a strong bilateral relationship between the two countries.

Shanmugam also noted that Kaplan’s dedication to fostering a robust relationship between Singapore and the United States aligns with previous ambassadors’ efforts.

This statement from Shanmugam underscores the importance of diplomatic relationships and highlights the ongoing efforts to strengthen ties between Singapore and the United States despite challenges that may arise. It also indicates support for Kaplan amidst scrutiny over his performance as ambassador.

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