Tomi Lahren Claims GOP’s Impeachment Probe Has Failed to Engage Voters

Credits: Entertainment Weekly

Tomi Lahren, a prominent conservative commentator, has asserted that the Republican-led impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden is effectively “dead in the water.”

During a recent appearance on Fox News’ Media Buzz, Lahren suggested that Republicans should shift their focus to criticizing Biden’s policies instead, with an eye towards defeating him in the upcoming general election.

Lahren acknowledged that there is ample evidence to support the impeachment inquiry, but she criticized the GOP for its handling of the matter, particularly in how the public has perceived it.

Tomi Lahren (Credits: New York Magazine)

She specifically praised the efforts of Republican lawmakers like Jim Jordan and Comer, but she expressed concern that the inquiry may appear to be unfairly targeting Hunter Biden, who has faced scrutiny over his past struggles with addiction.

Lahren argued that the media has successfully framed the inquiry as an attack on someone with addiction issues, which she believes has harmed the optics of the GOP’s efforts. She suggested that this perception has played into the hands of the media and may ultimately undermine the effectiveness of the inquiry.

Overall, Lahren’s comments reflect a belief that the impeachment inquiry has not been successful in its goals and that Republicans would be better served by focusing on other strategies to challenge Biden and the Democratic Party.

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