Sri Lanka Ends Free Long-Term Visas for Russians and Ukrainians After Controversy Over ‘Whites Only’ Party

Credits: The Independent

In response to widespread condemnation over a controversial “whites only” event advertised at a Russian-operated nightclub in Sri Lanka, the country has revoked the free long-term visa extensions previously offered to Russians and Ukrainians who had traveled to the island nation over the past two years.

The decision, reported by Reuters, comes amid growing outrage and scrutiny surrounding the discriminatory event. The Sarayka lounge, located in the popular resort town of Unawatuna in southern Sri Lanka, had planned to host a “White Party” recently.

However, a poster promoting the event sparked outrage on social media due to its inclusion of the line “Face Control: White,” which many interpreted as a signal that non-white individuals would be denied entry.

Sri Lanka, Whites-Only Party (Credits: South China Morning Post)

The controversy surrounding the event prompted swift action from Sri Lankan authorities, leading to the cancellation of the free long-term visa extensions for Russian and Ukrainian visitors.

This decision reflects the government’s commitment to addressing concerns of discrimination and upholding the principles of inclusivity and equality.

The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of cultural sensitivity and respect for diversity, particularly in the context of international tourism. Moving forward, Sri Lanka aims to foster an environment that welcomes visitors from all backgrounds while promoting tolerance and understanding among its diverse population.

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