Call for UK Ministers to Prohibit MPs from Engaging with Pro-Palestine Groups

Credits: Middle East Monitor

Ministers are facing calls to consider banning MPs and councillors from engaging with certain groups, including the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC), Extinction Rebellion, and Just Stop Oil.

The proposal comes from John Woodcock, the government’s adviser on political violence, who now sits as Lord Walney. He argues that mainstream political leaders should adopt a “zero-tolerance approach” towards groups that use disruptive tactics or fail to prevent “hate” on marches.

In an article for the Sun on Sunday, Walney, a crossbench peer, stated, “My review on political violence is about to be formally submitted to the prime minister and the home secretary. In it, I am asking the leader of every mainstream political party to take a zero-tolerance approach to the menace that is threatening our democracy.”

UK Minister (Credits: Bracknell News)

The proposal is likely to spark debate over the balance between free speech and public order. Critics argue that such a ban could infringe on individuals’ rights to freedom of expression and association. They also warn that it could be used to stifle legitimate protest and dissent.

However, supporters of the proposal argue that it is necessary to protect democracy from groups that use violence or intimidation to further their agendas. They point to incidents where protests have turned violent or disruptive, causing harm to individuals and damage to property.

It remains to be seen how the government will respond to Walney’s proposal. Ministers will need to carefully consider the potential implications of any ban on engaging with certain groups, weighing up the need to protect democracy and public order against the right to freedom of expression and association.