Lord Ashcroft: Trump Voters Aren’t Fanatics – They See Him as a Means to an End

Credits: Soda Citizen

This week, Donald Trump is expected to dominate in 17 more Republican primaries, adding to his nine victories so far, including in states like New Hampshire, Michigan, and South Carolina, the home state of his remaining opponent.

His seemingly effortless progress through the primaries, without even attending a debate, has led some to view his support as a cult of personality.

After eight years of studying the Trump phenomenon, I’ve found that while he does have devoted followers, his critics often appear more obsessed with his actions and statements than his supporters.

Trump with Voters (Credits: CNBC)

For many of his voters, Trump is seen as a means to an end. A key aspect of understanding Trump’s enduring appeal is contrasting him with his opponent, Nikki Haley.

While Haley offers executive and diplomatic experience, along with a less divisive image, many Republicans associate her with the old GOP establishment and a globalist outlook, which they reject. They see Trump as an outsider who stands against the political elite and embodies their views on key issues.

Trump’s supporters come from diverse backgrounds, challenging the stereotype of the typical Trump voter. They include Hispanics, small business owners, professionals, and even African Americans, who appreciate his anti-establishment stance and his efforts on various issues.

While they may not always approve of his behavior, they believe he gets things done and stands up for their interests. Despite his faults, Trump’s supporters value his strong personality, seeing it as a tool for achieving their goals.

They also interpret his controversial actions, such as tough negotiations and unorthodox diplomacy, as necessary steps to protect American interests.

Trump’s opponents have often underestimated his support, expecting each new controversy to weaken his standing. However, his backers remain steadfast, viewing the legal challenges against him and the media scrutiny as part of a broader attempt to undermine his presidency.

As the election approaches, Trump’s ability to focus on key issues and rally his base will be crucial. While some may wish for a different candidate, those supporting Trump do so intentionally, believing he best represents their interests and values.

I'm Richard Rosales, I cover political news and ongoing US elections.