VP Harris to Meet Israeli Cabinet Official in Washington Despite Netanyahu’s Rebuke

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Vice President Kamala Harris is hosting Benny Gantz, a member of Israel’s wartime cabinet and a centrist political rival of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, during his visit to Washington this week.

Gantz is meeting with several senior Biden administration officials, including Harris, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, and Jake Sullivan, the White House national security adviser. President Joe Biden is currently at Camp David until Tuesday.

Gantz’s meetings in Washington have stirred controversy within Israel’s government, as Netanyahu did not approve them. Netanyahu reportedly gave Gantz a stern warning, highlighting the growing division within Israel’s wartime leadership, nearly six months into the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Harris (Credits: The Daily Beast)

During her meeting with Gantz, Harris intends to advocate for a temporary ceasefire deal to facilitate the release of several categories of hostages held by Hamas. Israel has reportedly agreed to the deal, with the White House stressing that Hamas must also agree to it.

Harris emphasized the urgent need for a ceasefire during an appearance in Selma, Alabama, on Sunday, calling for at least a six-week ceasefire to address the immense suffering in Gaza and facilitate humanitarian aid.

Gantz aims to strengthen ties with the U.S., garner support for Israel’s efforts in the war, and push for the release of Israeli hostages during his visit, according to an Israeli official.

The meetings coincide with the U.S. beginning a series of aid airdrops into Gaza, following recent casualties among Palestinians attempting to access food from an Israel-organized convoy.

Harris urged Israel to increase the flow of aid to Gaza and open new border crossings without unnecessary restrictions. She underscored the importance of humanitarian assistance and called on Israel to take immediate action.

This meeting between Harris and Gantz follows their previous encounter at the Munich Security Conference in 2022.

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