Harris Warns of Threats to Civil Rights

Credits: Newsweek

Vice President Kamala Harris delivered a powerful speech in Selma, Alabama, commemorating the 59th anniversary of the Bloody Sunday attacks on civil rights marchers. Speaking at the Edmund Pettus Bridge, Harris reminded the crowd that the fight for freedom is ongoing, especially in the face of current threats to voting rights in America.

Harris praised the bravery of the activists who marched across the bridge in 1965, facing violence and oppression in their quest for equality. She highlighted the importance of the freedom to vote, calling it the “freedom that unlocks all others.”

Harris criticized recent attempts to restrict voting rights, including limits on absentee and early voting, and urged Americans to consider what kind of country they want to live in.

Harris (Credits: Reuters)

The vice president drew parallels between the struggles of the civil rights movement and current efforts to enact restrictions on voting, education, and reproductive care. She emphasized the Biden administration’s support for a six-week cease-fire in Gaza to provide aid and secure the release of hostages.

Harris’s speech underscored the importance of preserving and expanding voting rights, particularly in the face of recent court decisions and state legislation that have threatened these rights. She led the crowd in a march across the bridge, symbolizing the continued fight for equality and justice in America.

Attorney General Merrick Garland also spoke at a church service in Selma, highlighting the challenges to voting rights and the need to protect these rights for all Americans.

Garland emphasized the importance of recent court decisions and legislation that have undermined voting rights, calling for action to ensure that all eligible voters can vote and elect representatives of their choice.

The speeches by Harris and Garland in Selma underscored the ongoing struggle for voting rights and the importance of preserving these rights for future generations.

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