Harris to Meet Israeli Cabinet Official in Washington Despite Netanyahu’s Disapproval

Credits: Al Jazeera

Vice President Kamala Harris is currently hosting Benny Gantz, a key member of Israel’s wartime Cabinet, in Washington. Gantz’s visit, which includes meetings with several top Biden administration officials such as Secretary of State Antony Blinken and National Security Council Middle East coordinator Brett McGurk, comes amid tensions with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who reportedly did not approve of the meetings.

Harris has been vocal about the need for a temporary cease-fire in Gaza, calling for an immediate halt to the fighting for at least six weeks to allow for the delivery of humanitarian aid.

She has urged Israel to increase aid flow to Gaza without imposing unnecessary restrictions and to restore basic services to alleviate the suffering of Palestinians.

Harris (Credits: Reuters)

While Israel has reportedly agreed to the cease-fire deal, the onus is on Hamas to accept it. Gantz’s visit to Washington aims to strengthen U.S.-Israel ties, garner support for Israel’s efforts in the conflict, and push for the release of Israeli hostages.

The U.S. has begun a series of aid airdrops into Gaza following a recent incident where Palestinians were killed while trying to obtain food from an Israel-organized convoy. These airdrops are meant to supplement truck deliveries and provide immediate assistance to those in need.

Gantz’s visit highlights the ongoing diplomatic efforts to address the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and promote stability in the region. Harris had previously met Gantz at the Munich Security Conference in 2022, indicating a continued dialogue between the U.S. and Israel on critical regional issues.

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