Rishi Sunak’s Rwanda Bill Suffers Major Defeat in the House of Lords

Credits: The Independent

Peers in the House of Lords dealt a significant blow to the Government today as they voted to amend the Rwanda Bill, a key part of Rishi Sunak’s ‘Stop the Boats’ laws.

The amendment, which passed by a majority of 102, with 274 votes in favor and 172 against, requires the legislation to fully comply with both domestic and international law.

This defeat is likely to be the first of several for the Government, as other amendments to the bill have been proposed by peers and are set to be debated in the coming days. These include provisions to delay deportations until more safeguards are in place regarding treating migrants in Rwanda.

Rishi Sunak (Credits: The Independent)

Support for these amendments comes from influential figures such as the Archbishop of Canterbury and former judge Baroness Hale of Richmond, who advocate to prevent ministers from bypassing the European Court of Human Rights.

While these amendments may not completely derail the legislation, as the House of Commons ultimately has the final say, many peers are determined to slow down the bill’s progress. Mr. Sunak has expressed his desire to begin sending the first flights to Rwanda this Spring. However, there are concerns among Tories that the policy may not be fully operational before the expected Autumn election.

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