Senior Doctors in Wales Vote to Strike Over Pay

Credits: Reuters

Consultants and SAS (specialist, associate specialist, and specialty) doctors in Wales have voted to strike next month in response to a dispute with the Welsh Government over pay.

The results of the ballots, which ended on Monday, show strong support for industrial action, with 86% of consultants and 94% of SAS doctors voting in favor.

The strike, scheduled for over 48 hours from Tuesday, April 16, has garnered significant support, with 70% of eligible consultants and 58% of eligible SAS doctors backing the call to participate.

Doctors and Nurses Strike Over Pay (Credits: The Independent)

Consultants and SAS doctors represent a substantial portion of the hospital-based medical workforce in Wales, comprising 54% of the total combined.

With 3,137 Consultants and 1,088 SAS doctors working in hospitals nationwide, the strike is expected to have a noticeable impact on healthcare services.

The British Medical Association (BMA) is now urging all consultants and SAS doctors in Wales to join the strike, except for those providing essential ‘Christmas day’ cover. The BMA’s call for action reflects the frustration and dissatisfaction among doctors regarding their pay and working conditions.

The strike significantly escalates the ongoing dispute between doctors and the Welsh Government. It highlights the growing concerns within the medical community about the need for fair and competitive pay and the broader issues affecting the healthcare system in Wales.

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