Covid Inquiry Reveals Health Minister Was Unaware of Nine UK Cases

Credits: Sky News

The Covid Inquiry has revealed that First Minister Mark Drakeford described local lockdowns as a “failed experiment,” shedding light on early government responses to the pandemic. Wales’ chief medical officer, Sir Frank Atherton, highlighted delays and misinformation within the government’s handling of the crisis.

Sir Frank Atherton disclosed that despite warning Mark Drakeford of the likelihood of Covid arriving in Wales on January 24, 2020, formal discussions within the Welsh government did not occur until February 25, 2020. This delay in official discussions indicates a gap in the government’s preparedness for the pandemic.

Health Minister (Credits: The Telegraph)

Moreover, Sir Frank criticized Health Minister Vaughan Gething’s statement at the first Covid cabinet meeting, where Gething claimed there were no recorded cases in the UK. This misinformation further underscores the early confusion and lack of clarity surrounding the situation.

In addition to these revelations, the inquiry also highlighted broader issues with the UK’s pandemic response. The term “omnishambles,” meaning a situation characterized by chaos from all angles, was used to describe the confusion surrounding the various Covid restrictions across the UK.

This lack of clarity and coordination likely contributed to the challenges faced in controlling the spread of the virus. Overall, the testimony and evidence presented at the Covid Inquiry in Wales provide important insights into the early stages of the pandemic response.

They underscore the importance of timely and clear communication, as well as the need for effective coordination between government officials and health experts in managing public health crises.