Disabled People Accounted for 68% of Covid Deaths in Mid-2020, Inquiry Hears

Credits: The Abbotsford News

Two organizations working with disabled individuals have strongly condemned the Covid-19 response in Wales, citing “mass death and real suffering” experienced by the disabled community during the pandemic.

Disability Wales and Disability Rights UK addressed the Covid-19 Inquiry in Cardiff, highlighting the significant challenges faced by disabled people in Wales.

Despite the Welsh Government’s awareness of the risks, the organizations claim that proper planning for the crisis was lacking, resulting in a range of issues including “lack of access to food and essential resources, collapse of health, care and independent living services, and the suspension of disabled people’s rights.”

COVID Death Statistics (Credits: MDPI)

Statistics presented by the organizations indicated that 68 percent of those who died of Covid-19 in Wales were disabled, which was higher than the UK-wide rate of 59 percent.

Furthermore, individuals with learning disabilities were reported to be between three and eight times more likely to die of Covid in Wales compared to non-disabled individuals.

Professor Debbie Foster, co-chairperson of the Welsh Government’s Disability Taskforce, expressed that there was a “feeling of inevitability” from Westminster regarding the likelihood of the more vulnerable dying, with disabled people being seen during the pandemic as “dispensable.”

Chief Executive of Disability Wales, Rhian Davies, emphasized the need for answers regarding why the lives of disabled people appeared so expendable and called for measures to prevent such mass death and suffering from happening again.

In response, a Welsh Government spokesperson stated that they would not comment on any matters relating to the inquiry while hearings are ongoing. Welsh ministers and government officials are expected to provide detailed evidence over the next three weeks as part of the inquiry process.

The government has indicated that it will continue to engage fully with the inquiry to ensure that all actions and decisions are fully scrutinized.

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