Sinn Féin Expands Campaign to Court Business in New York

Credits: Business Post

Sinn Féin leaders Mary Lou McDonald and Pearse Doherty traveled to New York over the weekend to meet with companies based in the United States as part of the party’s ongoing outreach mission to global businesses.

During their visit, they held a series of meetings with financial institutions and firms, including representatives from Bank of Ireland, Bank of America, and FanDuel, a part of Flutter, the Irish gambling giant.

Doherty also met with several Irish companies looking to expand in the US or those that have recently established operations there or have US-based customers.

Sinn Féin (Credits: Business Post)

This outreach is part of Sinn Féin’s efforts to lay out its policies and priorities to global businesses. Doherty emphasized the importance of these meetings, particularly in light of concerns raised by some about Sinn Féin’s stance on issues like Ireland’s corporation tax rate and wealth tax.

He stated that despite attempts by some to portray Sinn Féin as bad for investment, the party is engaging directly with decision-makers to clarify its position.

Doherty also highlighted Sinn Féin’s support for a wealth tax in Ireland, stating that while the issue of corporation tax is settled, they remain in favor of a wealth tax to generate income and encourage investment in businesses, with exemptions for many businesses and business assets.

McDonald, in a speech at the Irish Unit Summit, reiterated Sinn Féin’s ambition to be in government, emphasizing the party’s goal of leading a government of change that puts reunification at the heart of its agenda. These efforts come amid concerns about Sinn Féin’s electoral chances following a dip in the polls earlier this year.

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