George Galloway Pledges His Party Will Contest Angela Rayner’s Seat as He Returns to Commons

Credits: The Mirror

George Galloway has made it clear that he has his sights set on ousting Labour’s deputy leader, Angela Rayner, from her Ashton-under-Lyne constituency in the next election.

Following his return to the Commons after winning the Rochdale by-election, the Workers Party of Britain leader expressed confidence that his party could overturn Rayner’s majority.

Speaking to reporters outside Parliament, Galloway outlined his plans to stand Workers Party candidates in various seats across the country.

George Galloway (Credits: The Guardian)

He mentioned constituencies in London, Birmingham, the West Midlands, and several towns in northwest England where his party intends to field candidates. He asserted that they would either win these seats or prevent Keir Starmer’s Labour from winning.

Galloway also took aim at Prime Minister Rishi Sunak for criticizing his victory in Rochdale, stating that it was not for an unelected Prime Minister to decide who represents a constituency in Parliament.

During his swearing-in, Galloway was accompanied by Alba Party MP Neale Hanvey and Conservative MP Sir Peter Bottomley as his sponsors.

He noted that former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was supposed to sponsor him but had a prior commitment. Labour issued an apology to the voters of Rochdale for not fielding a candidate in the by-election following Galloway’s victory.

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