Trump Poised for Third Consecutive GOP Nomination Following New Hampshire Victory

Credits: ABC

Former President Donald Trump secured a significant victory in the New Hampshire primary, further solidifying his path to the Republican presidential nomination. Despite this, his opponent, Nikki Haley, has vowed to continue her campaign.

Trump celebrated his win in New Hampshire, highlighting his success in the state and in Iowa, where he also won convincingly. He criticized Haley, his last major rival, suggesting she had falsely claimed victory in a previous event.

Haley, a former UN Ambassador under Trump, acknowledged his victory in New Hampshire but insisted that the race was far from over. While she made gains with voters in New Hampshire, she fell short of defeating Trump.

Donald Trump (Credits: El Correo)

As the candidates turned their attention to Nevada and South Carolina, where Haley served as governor, Trump intensified his attacks on her. South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott, who supports Trump despite being appointed to his Senate seat by Haley, joined him on stage during the victory speech.

Exit polls indicated that Trump maintained a strong hold on registered Republicans, while Haley performed well with independent and unregistered voters, a point she has emphasized in her campaign.

Haley has positioned herself as a candidate who can appeal to a broader base, arguing that Trump’s nomination would benefit Democrats. President Biden’s reelection campaign has already signaled its expectation that Trump will be the Republican nominee, highlighting the high stakes of the upcoming election.

With the South Carolina primary approaching on February 24th, Trump and Haley are expected to intensify their campaigns in the state. The race for the Republican nomination continues, with Haley determined to challenge Trump’s frontrunner status.

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