Trudy Rubin: Four Steps the US Should Take to Assist Ukraine Immediately

Credits: The Korea Herald

Donald Trump’s influence on U.S. policy toward Ukraine is a concerning issue, particularly regarding military aid to Ukraine in its conflict with Russia.

President Joe Biden faces challenges in securing congressional approval for critical military aid, with Trump and his supporters exerting influence to block such efforts.

To counter this, Biden must consider bypassing Congress to provide essential aid to Ukraine, preventing a potential sellout to Putin. The recent loss of the town of Avdiivka to Russia due to a lack of military supplies highlights the situation’s urgency.

Trudy Rubin (Credits: Lincoln Journal Star)

While European allies are trying to increase their support, they cannot fully compensate for the U.S. cut-off. Trump’s admiration for Putin and disdain for Ukraine are well-documented, adding to the urgency of the situation.

Trump’s potential re-election could further complicate matters, as he has expressed intentions to settle the Ukraine conflict in Moscow’s favor.

Democrats had hoped to circumvent obstacles in Congress to provide aid to Ukraine, but delays due to other legislative issues could postpone these efforts. Every day without sufficient aid increases the risk of further Ukrainian casualties and emboldens Putin.

Immediate action from the White House is crucial to sustain Ukraine and push for congressional funding. This will help Ukraine make progress in its military efforts and deter further Russian aggression.

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