Facebook & Instagram Down: Users In The US and Around The World Logged Out Unexpectedly

Meta Says That it is Working to Remove That Annoying Chirp Sound When You’re Scrolling Facebook

Are you encountering issues with Facebook or Instagram? Reports of outages have surged on DownDetector.com, highlighting a significant number of users being forcibly logged out with no option to re-enter on both platforms. This problem spans across mobile applications and websites alike.

The root cause of these disruptions remains unidentified. Users are facing hurdles with password reset procedures and the use of two-factor authentication for logins on both platforms.

The outage is causing significant concern among businesses that leverage Facebook and Instagram for marketing purposes, emphasizing the vital role these platforms play in global communication. As a result, many have migrated to alternate social networks to vent their frustrations and seek updates, with #FacebookDown and #InstagramDown emerging as trending topics.

While there has been no official timeline provided by Facebook or Instagram regarding the restoration of full services, both platforms are urging users to stay updated through their official communication channels.

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