Feeling Down About Politics? This Expert in Happiness Has Some Tips to Help You Navigate Through 2024

All About Politics (Credits: slate.com)

Arthur C. Brooks, a Harvard professor and happiness expert, shared some valuable insights on navigating the stress of election season during an interview on “CBS Mornings.” Here are his suggestions:

Prioritize the “Big Four”: Brooks emphasizes the importance of not letting politics overshadow what he calls the “big four” – faith, family, friends, and impactful work. These pillars are essential for happiness and well-being.

Faith: Brooks explains that faith doesn’t necessarily have to be religious but can be something larger than oneself. It provides a sense of purpose and connection to something meaningful.

All About Politics (Credits: CBS News)

Family: Family relationships, despite their challenges, are fundamental to happiness. Brooks emphasizes the value of these bonds that are often beyond our control but incredibly significant.

Friends: Friendship is essential for happiness, transcending political differences. Brooks emphasizes the importance of maintaining friendships regardless of political affiliations.

Impactful work: Engaging in meaningful work that serves others is crucial for happiness. Brooks highlights the fulfillment that comes from making a positive difference in the lives of others.

Focus on What Matters: Brooks encourages individuals to prioritize these aspects of life over politics. Instead of allowing political discourse to dominate their thoughts and emotions, people should focus on nurturing their faith, relationships, and meaningful work.

Invest in Your “Happiness 401(k) Plan”: Viewing the “big four” as a personal happiness investment, Brooks suggests that individuals should prioritize these areas of their lives for long-term well-being.

Individuals can cultivate resilience and happiness by prioritizing faith, family, friends, and impactful work, regardless of political circumstances.

Brooks emphasizes the importance of maintaining perspective and prioritizing the fundamental aspects of life that contribute to happiness and fulfillment, especially during stressful times like election season.

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