The Housing Minister Pays a Visit to a Ukrainian Project in Dundee

Credits: ITVX

Housing Minister Paul McLennan MSP visited Dundee to learn more about how the Scottish Government’s Longer-Term Resettlement Fund is providing settled accommodation for 111 Ukrainian guests.

Hosted by Mark Flynn, convener of Dundee City Council’s Neighbourhood Regeneration, Housing, and Estate Management Committee, along with deputy Lynne Short and senior council officials, McLennan was briefed on the scheme’s success.

Like other Scottish councils, Dundee has been working closely with the UK and Scottish Governments to support people displaced by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Initially, displaced individuals in Dundee were provided temporary accommodation as part of the Scottish Government’s Super Sponsor scheme.

Housing Minister and Project Members (Credits: The Guardian)

However, the council and its partners have since been working diligently to provide permanent homes and other support. With support from the Ukraine Longer-Term Resettlement Fund, Dundee has brought 54 social rented houses back into use, providing safe and secure homes across the city.

Councillor Flynn expressed pride in Dundee’s support for Ukraine, highlighting the city’s long history of offering sanctuary to those affected by conflict. He emphasized the inspiring support and care shown to Ukrainian families and the city’s commitment to providing a place of sanctuary.

Mr. McLennan commended Dundee City Council’s work in renovating empty properties to provide permanent homes for displaced Ukrainian families. He described the project as inspiring, helping Ukrainian families rebuild their lives in Dundee and providing them with a secure place to call home.

McLennan noted that once Ukrainian refugees no longer need these homes, they will be returned to the city’s social housing stock, leaving a positive legacy for Dundee.

The project in Dundee is part of the wider effort supported by the Ukraine Longer-Term Resettlement Fund, which has renovated over 1200 homes across the country to provide stability for Ukrainian people settling into communities.

The fund allows councils and Registered Social Landlords to restore disused properties to use, supporting the resettlement of Ukrainian refugees in Scotland.

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