Nikki Haley is Suspending Her Campaign, Leaving Donald Trump as the Last Major Republican Candidate

Credits: ABC News

Nikki Haley has decided to suspend her presidential campaign following a resounding defeat on Super Tuesday, leaving Donald Trump as the sole major candidate for the 2024 Republican nomination.

Sources familiar with her decision revealed that Haley will announce on Wednesday morning, with no plans to endorse Trump but rather to encourage him to earn the support of moderate Republicans and independent voters.

As Trump’s first significant rival, Haley, a former South Carolina governor and U.N. ambassador, entered the race in February 2023. Throughout her campaign, she warned against embracing Trump, citing concerns about chaos and personal grievances. Her departure now allows Trump to focus on his expected rematch with President Joe Biden in November.

Nikki Haley (Credits: The Hill)

While Haley’s defeat is disappointing for those opposed to Trump’s politics, she gained popularity among moderates and college-educated voters. However, Trump’s recent declaration banning Haley donors from his movement raises questions about party unity.

Despite her defeat, Haley made history as the first woman to win a Republican primary and surpassed expectations by outlasting other GOP rivals.

Initially slow to attract support, her campaign gained momentum with endorsements and fundraising, raising over $12 million in February alone.

Haley’s focus on foreign policy following an attack on Israel allowed her to showcase her experience from the U.N. and tie the issue to domestic priorities.

She gradually inserted critiques of Trump into her campaign speeches, emphasizing security threats posed by China and weak support for Ukraine. Despite speculation about a possible running mate role, Haley declined to entertain the idea of serving as vice president.

Her decision not to endorse the eventual Republican nominee, a requirement for participating in party debates, reflects her stance as she exits the race with an elevated national profile, leaving open the possibility of a future presidential run.

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