New Gun Laws Prohibit Weapons at Polling Sites and Implement Seven-Day Waiting Periods

Credits: The Washington Post

Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham has signed several pieces of legislation addressing public safety concerns in New Mexico. While she has not yet decided on calling a special session for state lawmakers, the recent bills signed are seen as essential steps towards improving safety in communities across the state.

House Bill 129, the Firearm Sale Waiting Period Crimes, establishes a statewide seven-day waiting period for firearm purchases, doubling the federal waiting period. The bill includes exemptions for concealed carry permit holders, federal firearms licensees, and law enforcement transactions.

This waiting period is intended to prevent impulsive acts of violence and self-harm, while also giving law enforcement enough time to complete necessary background checks.

Gun Violence Prevention Laws (Credits: NewsNation)

Senate Bill 5 prohibits the carrying of firearms within 100 feet of polling places and ballot receptacles. This measure is seen as crucial to preventing potentially dangerous situations, especially during election cycles, as the combination of guns and voting is considered volatile.

SB96 increases penalties for second-degree murder-related offenses, aiming to deter individuals from committing such crimes. Additionally, SB271 requires judges to hold certain violent defendants without bond if they have allegedly committed another felony offense while out on bond for a prior violent offense.

This measure is intended to ensure that career criminals are not released back into the community, pending trial, if they pose a significant risk to public safety.

These legislative efforts are part of a broader strategy to address public safety concerns in New Mexico and make communities safer. The bills reflect a commitment to taking proactive steps to prevent violence and protect residents across the state.

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