Katie Porter’s Post-Primary Election Loss Message to Supporters in California Senate Race

Credits: Clinton Herald

Standing among supporters with blue and white signs, Rep. Katie Porter conveyed a resolute message to her backers in the U.S. Senate race, promising to continue fighting for them.

However, as early election returns came in on Tuesday evening, it became evident that her bid for the Senate was not going to be successful. Fellow Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff and Republican former Dodgers star Steve Garvey were leading the race, and major news outlets had already called it for them.

Addressing her supporters around 9:30 p.m., Porter acknowledged the outcome, stating, “While the votes are still coming in, we know that tonight we’ll come up short.”

Katie Porter (Credits: The Herald Journal)

Despite facing significant opposition, including formidable financial resources and tactics aimed at derailing her campaign, Porter remained resilient, declaring, “Our opponents threw everything – every trick, millions of dollars, every trick in the playbook – to knock us off our feet. But I’m still standing in high heels.”

As an Irvine resident representing Orange County since 2019, Porter has established herself as a prominent figure in the Democratic Party.

Known for her adept questioning of corporate CEOs and her ability to generate viral content on social media, she has also been a successful fundraiser for Democratic causes. The next steps for Porter remain uncertain, but her commitment to her constituents and her party is unwavering.

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