Haley Expected to Encourage Trump to Earn Votes

Credits: inkl

Former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley is expected to withdraw from the race for the GOP presidential nomination on Wednesday. While she is not likely to endorse former President Donald Trump’s campaign, sources close to her suggest that she will encourage Trump to earn the votes of her supporters.

Haley is expected to emphasize advocating for conservative policies while cautioning against what she sees as a lack of fiscal responsibility and a growing sense of isolationism in Washington.

Haley’s decision follows a disappointing performance in the Super Tuesday primaries, where she only won in Vermont and Washington, D.C., losing all other primary elections to Trump.

Haley (Credits: Sky News)

In a recent interview, Haley expressed that she does not feel bound by her pledge to support the eventual GOP nominee, highlighting her independent stance in the race.

Despite her criticisms of Trump, including remarks about his age and behavior, Haley has not ruled out pardoning him if elected and he is convicted of federal crimes.

Her base largely consists of anti-Trump Republicans and independent voters, and her criticism of Trump has intensified over time, portraying him as “diminished” compared to his 2016 self.

While Haley is not completely ruling out endorsing Trump, the former president’s recent remarks have not been welcoming to her supporters and donors.

Trump has even stated that he would reject campaign funds from donors who continue to support Haley, signaling a potentially contentious relationship between the two figures.

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