Trump’s Stance on Gaza Conflict: ‘You’ve Got to Resolve the Issue’

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Former President Trump weighed in on Israel’s conflict with Hamas in Gaza during a call to “Fox and Friends” ahead of Super Tuesday voting, expressing his belief that Israel needs to “finish the problem” in its war against Hamas.

Trump asserted that the invasion of Gaza, which he deemed “horrible,” would not have occurred if he were still in office, attributing it to a lack of respect for President Biden and a perception of weakness.

Trump’s comments come amid mounting criticism of Israeli leaders’ handling of the conflict, particularly concerning the high civilian death toll in Gaza.

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While Trump has previously been evasive when questioned about the Israel-Hamas conflict, he reiterated his staunch support for Israel and suggested that the fighting would not have transpired under his presidency.

The Biden administration has maintained that Israel has the right to defend itself, while also emphasizing the need for a cease-fire and increased humanitarian aid to Gaza.

Vice President Harris has called for an “immediate” cease-fire lasting at least six weeks, urging Israel to facilitate the flow of aid and restore basic services in Gaza.

Despite the Biden administration’s efforts to broker a cease-fire and address humanitarian concerns, Israel continues to face scrutiny over its actions in Gaza.

The shelling of civilian areas and the lack of access to essential supplies have raised international alarm, prompting calls for Israel to take greater steps to alleviate the humanitarian crisis.

In light of these developments, Trump’s remarks highlight the ongoing complexities surrounding the Israel-Hamas conflict and the differing approaches of past and present U.S. administrations to the situation.

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