Tyler Technologies Signs Agreement to Strengthen Maryland’s Cloud Capabilities

Credits: X.com

Tyler recently signed a significant five-year contract with the state of Maryland to provide a fully cloud-hosted infrastructure accessible to all residents.

This contract, which includes the option for a five-year extension at the state’s discretion, marks a milestone in Tyler’s longstanding partnership with Maryland.

Tyler has been offering digital solutions to the state for the past 12 years and currently provides over 160 digital government services, including Maryland Business Express and Maryland.gov, collaborating with 110 government entities in the state.

The public sector market in which Tyler operates is substantial, covering approximately 3,000 counties, numerous public departments across 36,000 towns and cities, and more than a thousand schools nationwide.

Tyler Technologies (Credits: The National Judicial College)

This market presents Tyler with many opportunities, including deploying IT services and solutions for various functions such as property assessment, judicial operations, record-keeping, finance, road maintenance, law enforcement, public safety, healthcare, and election administration.

Tyler is well-positioned to capitalize on these opportunities, particularly as many public sector departments are transitioning from on-premise and outdated solutions to scalable cloud-based systems.

The agreement with Maryland is expected to significantly boost Tyler’s recurring revenues, which currently constitute a major portion of its overall revenues.

Tyler’s recent contract with Maryland is a testament to its strong partnership with the state and its expertise in providing digital solutions to the public sector.

With the ongoing transition to cloud-based systems within the public sector, Tyler is poised to enhance its revenue streams further and solidify its position as a digital government services industry leader.

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