‘Uncommitted’ Vote Surpasses Goal in Minnesota’s Democratic Primary, Including Votes Against Biden

Credits: NHPR

A campaign urging voters to check “uncommitted” in Minnesota’s Democratic presidential primary garnered nearly 46,000 votes on Tuesday, significantly surpassing its goal of 5,000 votes.

Organizers hailed the result as a message to President Joe Biden, indicating that a substantial portion of his own party wants him to support a permanent cease-fire in Gaza.

Asma Mohammed, an organizer with the campaign, emphasized the desire for President Biden to understand that Democrats are tired of the continuous support for what they view as a genocidal regime.

Uncommitted Vote (Credits: UpNorthLive)

Mohammed stated, “We’ve had enough with seeing broken bodies of Palestinian children every time we open our phones, and today we are showing him that Minnesota is on the side of justice and humanity.”

Building on momentum from a similar effort in Michigan, which garnered over 100,000 votes in the state’s primary last week, the Minnesota campaign highlighted the significant turnout in both states.

Although Biden overwhelmingly won the primary in Minnesota with over 70% of the vote, the uncommitted votes came in second, earning nearly 19% of the vote and surpassing Minnesota DFL U.S. Rep. Dean Phillips in his home state. Organizers expressed their intention to send delegates to the Democratic National Convention in Chicago in August.

Walter Fromm, an activist from Minneapolis, noted the irony of the situation, stating that many who had previously volunteered for Biden are now voting uncommitted. He highlighted the disappointment among Biden’s former supporters, emphasizing their desire for a change in Biden’s policies.

The Vote Uncommitted MN campaign launched a week before the primary and invested $20,000 in digital advertising, voter contact, organizing, and operational costs. At their watch party, supporters celebrated each update of the results, viewing the significant turnout as a powerful statement.

Yasmin Hirsi of Apple Valley expressed her disappointment in Biden’s performance, particularly in failing to address issues like student loan forgiveness and protecting abortion rights. While she currently plans to sit out the November election, Hirsi hopes Biden will reconsider his policies instead of blaming voters.

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz commented on the situation, acknowledging the deep concern of these voters. He emphasized the importance of listening to their voices and suggested that the next eight months leading up to the election provide an opportunity for the party to engage with these voters and address their concerns.

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