TelevisaUnivision Unveils 2024 “Vota Conmigo” Campaign to Educate, Empower, and Engage Eligible U.S. Hispanic Voters


TelevisaUnivision, the world’s leading Spanish-language media company, has announced the 2024 edition of Vota Conmigo (Vote with Me), a non-partisan campaign aimed at providing educational tools and resources to motivate every eligible Hispanic U.S. citizen to participate in the electoral process and cast their vote during this year’s election cycle.

With 36.2 million eligible voters this year, Hispanic voters continue to be a powerful emerging political force in America. Leading third-party civic engagement and voter data experts project that more than 17 million Latinos are expected to vote in November, marking a 15 percent increase from 2020.

However, TelevisaUnivision aims to increase Latino participation to 20 million at the polls, reflecting the importance for Hispanics amid critical issues and agendas that will shape the Hispanic community for generations.

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“In an era where Spanish-speaking Americans face a significant lack of in-language information and resources to facilitate their participation in our country’s elections, TelevisaUnivision serves as a respected community partner and trusted source of information and educational tools,” said Wade Davis, Chief Executive Officer, TelevisaUnivision.

“Through our comprehensive ‘Vota Conmigo’ campaign, our mission is to leverage our reputation, reach, and community resources to engage record numbers of U.S. eligible Hispanic voters, help them navigate the 2024 elections effectively, and be fully empowered to make informed decisions at the polls.”

The Vota Conmigo campaign aims to significantly exceed its previous efforts, which delivered more than 700 million impressions across TelevisaUnivision’s television, audio, and digital platforms, resulting in 1.4 million new Hispanic registered voters during the 2020 election year.

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