Estonia Partners with U.S. in Minerals Security Initiative


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs highlighted the importance of Estonia’s membership in the Multilateral Partnership for Critical Materials (MSP), emphasizing its role in enhancing international cooperation and security regarding critical raw materials.

Jüri Seilenthal, the MFA’s director general of the Department for External Economic Policy and International Economic Organisations, noted that Estonia’s significant processing capabilities for rare earth elements make its membership in the MSP particularly valuable.

The ongoing global conflicts underscore the need for Estonia to reduce its dependence on external sources and ensure access to critical raw materials. By participating in the MSP, Estonia aims to strengthen its position in the supply chain and attract new industries to the country.

Estonia-U.S Relations (Credits: Council on Foreign Relations)

Ene Jürjens, director general of the Natural Resources Department at the Climate Ministry, highlighted Estonia’s expertise in processing rare earth elements, positioning the country uniquely in the field of critical raw materials and green technologies.

This partnership offers Estonia opportunities for information exchange, enhanced investment networks, and potential future industrial growth.

The United States played a pivotal role in facilitating Estonia’s membership in the MSP, with support from other key members such as Australia, Canada, and several European countries. The European Commission is also a member, reflecting the importance of this partnership at the regional and global levels.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Margus Tsahkna emphasized the significance of MSP membership for Estonia’s economic and security policies, noting that it allows for development and investment opportunities. Strengthening economic ties with allies is seen as a means to enhance Estonia’s overall security.

The recent participation of an Estonian delegation in the MSP steering committee in Toronto, alongside the PDAC 2024 convention, underscores Estonia’s commitment to advancing its critical minerals sector.

Discussions at the seminar focused on various aspects of Estonia’s critical minerals industry, including rare earth element processing, strategic minerals, reprocessing ash hills, and innovation in the mining industry.

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