Democrats Opposed to Democracy Lose Court Case, React with Frustration

Credits: Center for American Progress

The pro-Biden media often congratulate themselves for their role in informing voters and promoting democracy. However, when their preferred candidates or causes suffer defeats, they tend to portray it as a failure of democracy itself.

Recently, the Supreme Court unanimously rejected a legal argument pushed by blue states like Colorado and Illinois to remove Donald Trump’s name from the ballot.

The argument was based on a novel interpretation of the 14th Amendment aimed at excluding “insurrectionists” from running for office. To many Americans, this attempt to remove a frontrunner’s name seems more like an attack on democracy than a defense of it.

Democrats Amid Democracy (Credits: The New York Times)

After the 2020 election, Time magazine praised efforts to “fortify democracy” against Trump’s victory, highlighting strategies employed by progressives.

CNN’s Dana Bash, commenting on the Supreme Court’s decision, reluctantly acknowledged that the Court might be interpreting the Constitution correctly, much to the dismay of liberal commentators like professor Larry Sabato, who expressed frustration at the idea of Trump being reelected despite the January 6 insurrection.

Some pundits, like Keith Olbermann, went as far as calling for the Supreme Court to be dissolved, revealing a troubling authoritarian streak among those who claim to champion democracy.

Despite focusing on portraying Trump supporters as foolish, the pro-Biden media must contend with polls showing Trump leading Biden by 5 points in a recent New York Times survey. Biden’s approval ratings are also troubling, especially in swing states crucial for the upcoming election.

To rally support, Biden’s campaign is centering on what they call the “freedom agenda,” focusing on democracy and the January 6 insurrection. However, this singular focus ignores pressing issues like inflation and immigration, suggesting a disconnect between the Democratic Party’s priorities and those of the American people.

The media’s role in shaping public opinion is crucial, and their constant portrayal of Trump in a negative light might have influenced the midterm elections. However, this narrow focus on one issue ignores the broader concerns of voters and undermines the democratic process.

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