Poll Finds Americans View Biden as ‘Too Weak’ Toward Iran Amid Spike in Terror Attacks on US Forces in Middle East

Credits: El Periódico

Despite winning the Democratic primaries on Super Tuesday, President Joe Biden is facing challenges in national opinion polls, with former President Donald J. Trump gaining momentum.

Political analysts attribute this shift to perceptions of Biden as weak and ineffective, particularly in handling economic, national security, and border security issues. Many Americans view his approach towards the Iranian regime and its terror proxy forces in the Middle East as inadequate and ineffective.

According to a recent Harvard Harris survey, a significant majority of Americans (80%) believe that American military forces in the Middle East are under relentless attack by terrorist groups.

Biden (Credits: The Hill)

However, they are dissatisfied with Biden’s response to these attacks. Two-thirds of Americans (67%) support responding to such attacks with military strikes against terrorist groups rather than simply defending against incoming attacks.

Despite numerous attacks on U.S. forces by Iran and its proxies, Biden has been reluctant to use military force. This approach has led to criticism, with 54% of Americans believing that Biden has been “too weak” in his response to terror attacks against U.S. military forces in the Middle East. Only 46% think Biden’s actions have been forceful enough.

As a result, a significant portion of Americans (61%) do not view Biden’s policy towards Iran as successful, while only 39% believe it has been successful. This dissatisfaction with Biden’s handling of foreign policy challenges, particularly in the Middle East, is contributing to Trump’s growing lead in opinion polls.

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