New Jersey Proposes Gender Pay Equity Measures for State Contracts

Credits: KFOR

In a significant move towards addressing gender pay inequity, a new bill mandates the Division of Purchase and Property within the State Department of the Treasury to enforce comprehensive reporting requirements for all bidders on state contracts.

The legislation seeks to illuminate and address pay and job title distribution discrepancies among genders within entities bidding for state contracts.

Under the proposed bill, each bidder must provide a detailed report analyzing gender-based pay differences and the gender predominance within job titles.

New Jersey Measures for State Contracts (Credits: cocondebor)

The Division of Purchase and Property is tasked with creating a standardized system for measuring and addressing gender pay gaps and equality in job titles, along with uniform reporting instructions and criteria. This initiative includes offering technical assistance to prospective bidders to ensure compliance.

Bidders’ reports will be evaluated and assigned a rating reflecting their level of gender-based pay equity and equality within job titles. The State will consider these ratings, alongside price and other factors, to determine the most advantageous bid.

However, the bill exempts contracts required urgently or those partially funded by federal funds, where compliance could jeopardize eligibility for such funds.

The legislation is set to be implemented one year after its enactment, allowing the Division of Purchase and Property to undertake any necessary preparatory administrative actions.

This bill represents a proactive approach to fostering a more equitable and transparent procurement process in New Jersey, aiming to incentivize and reward businesses that demonstrate a commitment to gender equality.

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