Trump and Orbán Scheduled to Meet in U.S. This Week – BBJ

Credits: Slate Magazine

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is scheduled to meet with former U.S. President Donald Trump in Florida this Friday, following Orbán’s public endorsement of Trump’s bid to return to the U.S. presidency this year, according to international news agency Reuters.

Orbán, known for his strong stance against immigration and efforts to increase state control over the judiciary, NGOs, and media, has been praised by Trump as a “great leader.”

The upcoming meeting between Orbán and Trump is seen as a continuation of their political alliance, with their last meeting taking place at Trump’s golf club in New Jersey during the summer of 2022.

Trump and Orbán (Credits: Trump and Orbán)

A key moment in Orbán’s visit to the United States will be on March 7, when he is scheduled to participate in a panel discussion with Kevin Roberts, the president of The Heritage Foundation, one of the most prominent conservative research institutes in the United States.

Orbán’s conservative family policies have also earned him praise from populist figures in the United States. Hungary has hosted meetings of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in recent years, highlighting the close ties between Orbán’s government and conservative circles in the U.S.

Orbán’s visit to the United States comes at a time of increasing tensions between Hungary and the European Union. Orbán’s government has faced criticism from EU leaders over its anti-immigration campaigns and efforts to curb the independence of the judiciary and the media.

Despite these criticisms, Orbán remains popular among his supporters in Hungary and has maintained a strong grip on power. His alliance with Trump and other conservative figures in the United States is seen as a way to bolster his domestic and international standing.

Political observers are likely to closely watch the meeting between Orbán and Trump, as it could signal further alignment between conservative movements in Europe and the United States.

Orbán’s endorsement of Trump’s presidential bid is expected to boost Trump’s campaign and could have implications for the upcoming U.S. presidential election.

Orbán’s visit to the United States is seen as a significant moment in his efforts to strengthen ties with conservative allies and maintain his political influence both at home and abroad.

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