President Joe Biden and Cookie Monster Both Express Frustration with ‘Shrinkflation’

Credits: The New York Folk

Beloved “Sesame Street” character Cookie Monster recently voiced his displeasure with the practice of “shrinkflation,” where companies reduce the size of their products while keeping prices the same.

In a tweet to his 626,000 followers on X (formerly Twitter), Cookie Monster expressed his frustration, saying, “Me hate shrinkflation! Me cookies are getting smaller.”

The sentiment was echoed by the White House, which responded with a tweet saying, “C is for consumers getting ripped off.” President Joe Biden also weighed in on the issue at a White House event, standing alongside Cookie Monster and criticizing profit-driven food companies for reducing product sizes while maintaining prices.

President Joe Biden (Credits: MSN)

“I’ll tell you what, I tell you who did notice, Cookie Monster,” Biden said. “He pointed out cookies, or his cookies are getting smaller, paying the same price. I was stunned when I found out that’s what actually happened.”

The issue of shrinkflation has become increasingly common as companies look for ways to maintain their profit margins in the face of rising costs.

By reducing the size of their products, companies can avoid raising prices outright, which can be unpopular with consumers. However, critics argue that shrinkflation is a form of deceptive pricing that ultimately hurts consumers.

Cookie Monster’s outspoken criticism of shrinkflation has brought attention to the issue, highlighting the impact it can have on everyday consumers.