Prepared Remarks by First Lady Jill Biden at Business Roundtable CEO Workforce Forum

Credits: Orlando Sentinel

During her address at the Business Roundtable event, the speaker expressed gratitude for the invitation and lauded United Airlines’ collaboration with Houston High Schools, which has provided students with valuable opportunities.

She emphasized the significance of career-connected learning that commences in high school, citing the example of Lilly from Arizona.

Lilly, unsure about her post-high school path and hesitant to burden her family with college expenses, discovered her passion for construction management through a complimentary community college program.

First Lady Jill Biden (Credits: ABC News)

The thriving construction sector in Arizona, supported by President Biden’s investments, presented Lilly with a promising career trajectory.

The speaker underscored the potential of students like Lilly across the country and emphasized the necessity of programs guiding high school students toward career pathways.

She highlighted the transformation of education to better equip students for the workforce, noting that many high school graduates do not immediately pursue a four-year college education.

The Biden administration aims to reimagine high schools as environments where students can explore careers and develop relevant skills. The speaker urged businesses to become involved in this vision, citing evidence-based models demonstrating such initiatives’ effectiveness.

Businesses can benefit from this approach by finding skilled workers and supporting their own growth. She commended companies like IBM, Aon, and Bellin Health for their efforts in creating apprenticeships and work-based learning programs, and encouraged more companies to follow suit.

The speaker urged businesses to invest in the next generation and seize the opportunity to shape the future workforce, ensuring their own continued growth and success.

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