Israel’s Conflict with Gaza: Important Events on Day 153

Israel’s war on Gaza: List of key events, day 153

Calls for increased aid to Gaza have amplified amidst reports of 20 deaths due to malnutrition and dehydration, highlighting a dire humanitarian crisis exacerbated by Israeli restrictions on aid.

Recent bombings, including an attack on a mosque in Jabalia al-Balad, have resulted in casualties, including a 15-year-old and a 72-year-old succumbing to malnutrition in northern Gaza.

The evacuation of 300,000 Palestinians from northern Gaza has left many resorting to eating animal fodder to survive, with alarming rates of acute malnutrition among children under two.

Internationally, condemnation of Israel’s actions in Gaza has grown, with China’s Foreign Minister denouncing it as a “tragedy for humanity” and the EU considering whether Israel is meeting its human rights obligations.

Israel's Conflict with Gaza: Important Events on Day 153
Israel’s Conflict with Gaza: Important Events on Day 153 (Credits: Al Jazeera)

The US has expressed optimism about reaching a ceasefire agreement between Israel and Hamas before Ramadan. Meanwhile, in Canada, a temporary ban on pro-Palestinian protests near Jewish community buildings underscores tensions surrounding the conflict.

In the occupied West Bank, Israeli forces have intensified raids, leading to arrests in Tubas and Tammun. Plans for 3,500 new illegal settlement housing units have been advanced, defying international law. These actions further exacerbate tensions and hinder prospects for peace in the region.

As calls for aid to Gaza grow louder and diplomatic efforts continue, the situation remains volatile, with the ongoing violence and humanitarian crisis underscoring the urgent need for a sustainable resolution to the conflict.

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