Kim Jong Un of North Korea Calls for More War Preparations

North Korea’s Kim Jong Un orders heightened war preparations

In the midst of joint military exercises involving thousands of troops by the US and South Korea, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has issued directives for heightened war preparedness.

After inspecting troops at a significant military operations base located in the country’s western region, Kim’s orders were conveyed through the state-run Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) on Thursday, although the specific location of the base was not disclosed.

Emphasizing the necessity to adapt to the prevailing circumstances, Kim stressed the imperative for the military to actively usher in a new era of intensifying war preparations. According to KCNA, he articulated the importance of steadily enhancing actual war drills aimed at swiftly enhancing combat capabilities for optimal war readiness.

Kim Jong Un of North Korea Calls for More War Preparations
Kim Jong Un of North Korea Calls for More War Preparations (Credits: Reuters)

Kim’s inspection coincided with the ongoing annual Freedom Shield large-scale military exercises jointly conducted by forces from the United States and South Korea.

Commencing on Monday, these exercises encompass an array of activities, including 48 field exercises such as missile interception drills, bombing, air assault, and live-firing. Notably, the participation of troops in this year’s drills doubled compared to the previous year.

North Korea has consistently condemned military exercises conducted by the US and South Korea, alleging them to be rehearsals for an invasion, often responding with weapons tests of its own. On Monday, KCNA cited an unnamed spokesperson from North Korea’s Ministry of Defence, urging Seoul and Washington to halt their “reckless” and “frantic war drills,” warning of consequences for their actions.

In its latest report on Thursday, KCNA did not specify whether Kim directly addressed the Freedom Shield drills. However, it highlighted that troops at the base were engaged in maneuvers simulating real war conditions.

Throughout this year, North Korea has continued its missile testing initiatives as part of its ongoing military modernization efforts.

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