Mark Harris of North Carolina Gets Second Opportunity to Serve in Congress After Absentee Ballot Scandal

Credits: Roll Call

The Rev. Mark Harris’s win in the Republican nomination for a U.S. House seat in North Carolina sets the stage for a rematch after a 2018 absentee ballot scandal. Harris narrowly avoided a runoff in the six-candidate race in the state’s 8th District, edging out Allan Baucom.

He will face Democrat Justin Dues in November in a district that heavily favors Republicans, running from Charlotte east to Lumberton.

In 2018, Harris seemed to have won the general election by a slim margin but faced an investigation into absentee ballot irregularities that led to charges against several individuals.

Although Harris wasn’t charged, he cooperated with investigators and called for a new election, which was eventually held. Republican U.S. Rep. Dan Bishop won the seat.

Mark Harris (Credits: CNBC)

Harris, who previously decided not to run again, has now reentered the political arena, calling the ballot issue a “manufactured scandal” and criticizing Democrats for their agenda.

His victory in the primary signals his intent to return to Washington and represents a significant development in North Carolina’s political landscape.

The primary elections also saw changes in other districts, with runoffs expected in the 13th and possibly the 6th District. Overall, the state’s congressional delegation is expected to shift from seven Democrats and seven Republicans to 10 Republicans and three Democrats after the November election.

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