Biden’s State of the Union Address and the Following Day

Credits: NPR

Being a Democrat isn’t easy right now. President Biden is consistently trailing Donald Trump in major polls, and the gap appears to be widening. Many Democratic voters believe Biden is too old to serve, and key Democratic constituencies, including young, Black, and Latino voters, seem to be drifting away.

The situation has become so dire that some liberals are calling for Biden to step down from the race and allow the nomination to be decided at the party’s August convention.

One of the main concerns driving this discontent is Biden’s age—he is 81—and questions about his ability to govern and withstand the rigors of a presidential campaign. A recent report by special counsel Robert Hur has heightened concerns about Biden’s memory.

Biden (Credits: CBS News)

However, it’s important to note that these questions were raised a year ago when Biden announced his reelection bid. The fact that they are resurfacing now, and more loudly, reflects Biden’s failure to address these concerns.

With Trump’s strong showings in recent primaries and Biden’s low standing in national polls, time is running out for Biden to turn things around. However, there is still a chance for a comeback, but it will require Biden, his team, and Democratic voters to show a sense of urgency and determination.

One crucial part of this turnaround strategy will be to highlight Trump’s shortcomings and portray him as a corrupt, autocratic, and incompetent leader. Democrats must also emphasize the right’s efforts to ban abortion nationwide, not just in Republican-controlled states.

However, even these efforts may not be enough in a year when many voters seem to remember the Trump years fondly. In his upcoming State of the Union address, Biden must highlight his accomplishments, his integrity, and his mental and physical fitness.

He must emphasize his administration’s achievements, such as the infrastructure bill, the Inflation Reduction Act, and the CHIPS and Science Act. These are significant achievements that all Democrats should be proud of.

Biden should also address challenges such as the migrant crisis and the conflict in Gaza. He must demonstrate a willingness to take bold action and outline a strategy for addressing these issues.

Vice President Kamala Harris must also play a more active role in advocating for the administration’s policies and engaging with progressive and Black voters. Her popularity may be even lower than Biden’s, but she must show her command of the issues and her readiness to lead if called upon.

Democrats must unite behind Biden and discard false hopes or fading beliefs that could hinder their efforts to prevent a second Trump administration. The race is on, and there is much work to be done to ensure a different outcome in the upcoming election.

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