Speaker Johnson Calls on GOP Lawmakers to Uphold Decorum at State of the Union

Credits: KGET.com

Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) is calling on GOP lawmakers to maintain decorum during President Biden’s upcoming State of the Union address, aiming to avoid the kind of disruptions that occurred during last year’s speech.

During a closed-door GOP conference meeting, Johnson emphasized the importance of conducting themselves with dignity and respect during the event. He urged members to exhibit good decorum and carry themselves in a manner befitting the occasion.

Johnson’s plea comes ahead of Biden’s address to a divided Congress, where tensions between Democrats and Republicans are palpable. Last year, some GOP lawmakers heckled the president during his speech, with interruptions such as cries of “secure the border” and accusations of lying.

Speaker Johnson (Credits: The Hill)

The disruptions led to an unusual exchange between Biden and his Republican critics, ultimately resulting in an agreement to uphold programs like Social Security and Medicare.

While heckling during the State of the Union is uncommon, Johnson encourages his fellow Republicans to refrain from such behavior and instead focus on substantive policy discussions. He emphasized the need to base arguments on facts and policy rather than engaging in disruptive behavior.

However, some lawmakers are skeptical that all members will adhere to Johnson’s call for decorum. They anticipate disagreements with Biden’s remarks may lead to outbursts despite efforts to maintain a sense of dignity in the chamber.

Despite these concerns, Johnson’s message reflects a desire among some Republicans to project a sense of class and professionalism during Biden’s address, even in the face of potential disagreements or contentious issues.

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