What President Biden Should Address Regarding His Age and Trump in His State of the Union Speech

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Rachel Goldberg and Jon Polin, whose American son Hersh was kidnapped by Hamas, shared their story on ‘The Story’, highlighting their journey of finding hope and staying optimistic during this challenging period. They emphasized the importance of resilience and perseverance in the face of adversity.

The families of the six remaining American hostages in Gaza will have the opportunity to attend President Biden’s State of the Union address on Thursday.

This comes as Thursday marks five months since the devastating attacks in Israel by Hamas terrorists, which claimed the lives of over 1,200 people, including 32 Americans.

Amidst the ongoing conflict between Hamas terrorists and Israeli forces, at least six American hostages remain captive in Gaza. Despite efforts to secure their release, Hamas has rejected all offers for a ceasefire and the release of hostages.

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One of the attendees at the State of the Union address will be the parents of Edan Alexander, a young man born in Tel Aviv and raised in New Jersey. Edan had volunteered for the Israel Defense Forces and served in the Golani Brigade’s 51st Division.

He was in contact with his mother on the morning of the attack, assuring her of his safety. However, he was later reported to have been taken hostage by Hamas. His parents, guests of Rep. Donald Norcross and Rep. Josh Gottheimer, will be present to represent their son and advocate for his safe return.

Similarly, the parents and aunt of Itay Chen, a 19-year-old Israeli American serving in a tank unit, will also attend as guests of Sen. Joni Ernst. Chen was last heard from on the morning of the attack, and his family continues to hold onto hope for his safe return.

The presence of these families at the State of the Union underscores the human toll of the ongoing conflict and serves as a reminder of the urgent need for resolution and the safe return of all hostages.