The GOP’s Unfitness to Govern Persists, Even in the Absence of Trump

Credits: Fortune

The Republican Party today is deeply influenced by the legacy of Donald Trump, who has wielded an unparalleled level of control over the party.

Despite his divisive and often controversial rhetoric and actions, many Republican leaders have been reluctant to challenge him, even on issues where his assertions are clearly unfounded, such as his claim that he won the 2020 election.

This servile obedience to Trump can be partly attributed to his success in delivering key policy wins for the party, such as tax cuts that primarily benefit the wealthy and reshaping the judiciary, including the Supreme Court.

Donald Trump (Credits: CNN)

These achievements and his ability to mobilize a large base of small donors and social media followers have solidified his influence within the party.

However, this obedience to Trump has also revealed a party lacking in courage and conviction, prioritizing power over principles. The party has been characterized by chaos and a willingness to exploit fear and racism, particularly regarding immigration.

The Republican Party’s policy priorities, if it were to take governing more seriously, would likely align with its longstanding goals, including cuts to social security and Medicare, as well as a dismissive attitude towards climate change.

While some Republicans may express nostalgia for past leaders like Ronald Reagan, whose presidency was seen as transformational, particularly in economic policy, they fail to acknowledge the negative impacts of his policies, such as the weakening of labor unions and the exacerbation of income inequality.

The Republican Party today is deeply influenced by Donald Trump, characterized by a lack of courage and conviction, and driven by longstanding policy goals that prioritize the interests of the wealthy and powerful over the broader population.

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