Foreign Minister: US Holds Misguided Perception of China


China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi criticized the United States for maintaining an erroneous perception of China and failing to fulfill its promises, despite some progress since the meeting between Presidents Joe Biden and Xi Jinping last November.

Wang made these remarks at a news conference during an annual parliament meeting in Beijing, emphasizing that continued exchanges between the two countries require mutual respect and recognition of their differences.

Wang highlighted the US’s ongoing misperceptions of China and its failure to fulfill promises, noting that the US has continued to renew its methods of suppressing China and extending its list of unilateral sanctions.

Foreign Minister (Credits: Reuters)

He also expressed concern about the US’s intentions, stating that the “crimes” the US wanted to add to its list of sanctions have reached an “unbelievable level.”

Despite these challenges, Wang noted that Biden has stated that the US would not seek a new Cold War or attempt to change China’s system or support Taiwan’s independence. He called for the US to understand the historical development trend and to engage with China in an objective and rational manner.

In his discussion, Wang also touched on China’s relations with Russia, its economic challenges, and its ambitions in artificial intelligence. He emphasized China’s willingness to work with Russia to foster new drivers of cooperation and consolidate friendship.

China and Russia declared a “no limits” partnership in February 2022, just before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Wang’s comments reflect China’s efforts to navigate its complex relationships with the US, Russia, and other countries amid ongoing geopolitical confrontations.

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