McConnell Criticizes ‘Totally Inappropriate’ Proposal for Term Limits for Senate GOP Leaders

Credits: NPR

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell has resisted a proposal by some GOP colleagues, including Sen. John Cornyn, to impose term limits on his successor.

McConnell described the idea as “totally inappropriate,” highlighting that the Senate already has a mechanism for change every two years through elections.

McConnell pointed out that he faced a challenge from Sen. Rick Scott after the 2022 midterms and won decisively, indicating that the current system allows for leadership changes if needed. He also noted that unlike in the House, where the Speaker does not have term limits, the Senate operates differently.

McConnell (Credits: The Hill)

Cornyn, who is running for the Senate GOP leader position, endorsed the idea of term limits, suggesting that it would increase engagement from all senators and allow for more opportunities for leadership roles.

However, McConnell disagreed, emphasizing that the conference should be free to choose its leader without term limits imposed externally.

Sen. John Thune, also running for McConnell’s position, has not yet endorsed the idea of term limits. The Senate Republican leadership positions, other than the leader, have existing term limits of six years.

This debate underscores the ongoing discussions within the Republican Party about its leadership structure and the balance between stability and change.

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